Game Recap 9/10/11 — I Believe!!! – Angels 6 Yankees 0

I have a confession to make. I have not always been the most faithful of Angels fans. All season I have been a bit skeptical about their chances to make the playoffs, let alone be a legit World Series contender. But after tonight I officially believe!! Tonight’s win over the Yankees was a statement victory by a team hitting on all cylinders. The Halos put all their strengths out on display and have to be considered the team that nobody wants to see in the playoffs. Think about it, when the Angels win the West (no ifs anymore for me, no sir), they would face the Yanks. Do you think Girardi wants to go to war against Weaver and Haren after what we has seen the last two nights? Not to mention Santana in his new guise as dominant pitcher #3. That’s right, mark it down. The Halos are on their way!!

Angels 6 Yankees O 

 Game Notes

— Haren was awesome, like I predicted. Dan is a big game pitcher and I think that because he knew a chance to pick up a game was at stake, he raised his level of play. Granted A-Rod and Swisher weren’t out there, but Danny was filthy all night on his way to a complete game shut out.
— I know it didn’t count as a run, but the play Mike Trout made to score from second on Aybar’s sac bunt was amazing. It’s one thing to talk about his raw talent, but it’s his instincts and intelligence that impress me even more. He’s a gamer and that is what I want when crunch time comes around.
— You think Mark Trumbo will waive his 3 for 4 with a walk performance in people’s faces when they talk about his OBP? Kid didn’t hit a bomb but was on the bases all night. The east coast media is just going to have to suck it up and give him the Rookie of the Year. Don’t worry guys it will only hurt for a moment.
— Am I the only one who thought Aybar intentionally dropped the ball in the 8th to get the double play? Just seems like something he would do.

Halo Hero

I never thought this would happen again. Jeff Mathis is our Halo Hero tonight. 
(hold on, I need to see if the ground is cold from hell freezing over or that the Earth is still turning…)
(and, we’re back)
He called a great game tonight and had a double and a two run home run. Imagine what the Angels would be like if he just hit his weight. Imagine what would happen is he gets hot like he did in the playoffs a couple years back. Imagine a world where we can’t bang on his general suckiness. I know it’s hard to comprehend but hey, it’s a brave new world and I believe!!!!