Game Recap 9/12/11: Nevermind – Angels 3 A’s 6

Well Pineiro, it was nice knowing you for that short season and a half we spent together. Sure this rocky relationship has had its ups and downs the past season, but don’t you remember what it was like just a year ago? You were a breath of fresh air to a lacking starting rotation, you helped solidify what was once a struggling rotation with just you, Weaver, and Santana being the only ones who could put up big games. I don’t even recognize you anymore, it’s like you’re not even the same person anymore. You aren’t the man that we signed on last offseason, what happened to him? I thought you were on the track to recovery, but it looks like you’ll just have to spend the rest of the season in the pits of despair you’ve thrown yourself in. Good luck in the offseason, you’re trade value just took a rocket of a nosedive.

Angels 3 Athletics 6 

Game Notes

  • Did anyone really expect Pineiro to have a good start? For starters, the Angels get absolutely manhandled whenever they roll into Oakland, maybe the depressing air that surrounds the Coliseum around this time of the year gets to the Angels. Secondly, Pineiro was pitching, and whenever he pitches bad things are bound to happen. Pineiro managed a meager 3.0 IP while giving up 5 runs, 3 which came off of a home run in the 1st inning. Now that the Angels have fallen another half game back and Pineiro’s start is behind them, at least for the next 5 days, it’s time to get some momentum rolling. Now we have to look to the rest of the pitching staff to pick up Pineiro and his terrible starts.
  • For some reason Gio Gonzalez, who’s leading the majors in BB’s with 84, always has the strikeout pitch working when it comes to the Angels. His control is spectacular and his pitches always seem to break when and where they need too. 6 K’s and only 1 BB for him last night, far and away from his usual M.O. You can cut the Angels some slack as Gio Gonzalez is one of the top young pitchers in the league, but when you show up in enemy territory in the thick of an intense war and you simply roll over like a dog it raises too many questions. Why can’t they beat scrubs like the A’s? If they can’t even beat the A’s what makes you think they’ll be able to beat the Rangers? 

Halo A-Hole
No explanation needed here. Go back to Beantown so you can drag the rest of their team down with Lackey.