Game Recap 9/22/11: I Must Have Been Wrong – Angels 3 Blue Jays 4

Due to some time restraints, I’m going to have to make this game recap short and week, unlike last night’s game. I see a lot of you on twitter fretting with hysterics over the death of the Angels season last night, and I need to slap some sense into you guys. Stop being such babies, I know it’s late in the season but we only lost a half a game in the standings. Last night was a game we could afford to lose with the Red Sox off, unfortunately the Angels have no more room for error so at this point it’s do or die.

Angels 3 Blue Jays 4

The Angels have been quite mediocre on the road this second half of the season, so seeing them split this road series isn’t much a surprise to me. In fact, it’s great we didn’t lose this road series straight out. Now that we’re coming back home things are going to have to change obviously, but any more losses and the seasons over. Can they go perfect the rest of the season? They could, they have the potential, but I doubt they’ll find it within themselves to do so.

Game Notes

  • Ervin Santana threw 6 innings of 2 run ball, which isn’t too bad for him, but he also walked 5 guys, which is terrible.
  • But don’t blame him for the loss, because it was Richards who served up the game winning blast to Encarnacion in the 12th inning, which is even worse.
  • What’s even worse then that is this offense getting schooled by Alvarez, a young rookie with little experience in the ML. Wait, that’s actually pretty standard for the Halo’s, why am I so surprised?

Halo A-Hole

Garrett Richards, because he hasn’t done a single good thing since he’s been up with the Angels.