Game Recap 9/24/11 — Welcome to Toriitown, USA — Angels 4 A’s 2


Leader (n.) — a person who rules, guides or inspires others; head.

Also see Hunter, Torii.

Any doubt about how bad Torii Hunter wants to be in the playoffs is now put to rest. All players say they want to win, but it is true leadership that demonstrates this when the chips are down. Hunter is a consumate leader. He speaks for the team, mentors the youth movement with grace and wisdom, and plays his biggest when he needs to. It was apparent tonight that the Angels were sleepwalking through another game until Hunter put them on his back. His on and off the field leadership has kept the faint playoff hopes alive.

Angels 4 A’s 2 

Game Notes

— We will now collectively hold our breath for the outcome of Mark Trumbo’s apparent injury. For the teams newly anointed MVP, any long term injury would be catastrophic. Could the Angels have any worse luck when it coms to first basemen?
— Jerome Williams’ performance tonight was like watching a high wire walker. He put guys on in almost every inning, but didn’t buckle under pressure and delivered another victory. With every quality start, he cements a spot in the 2012 rotation.
— Bobby Abreu got two hits tonight. We can now pencil him into the line-up for the rest of the season. Sorry Mike Trout fans.

Halo Hero

Put the monkey on your back and lead us to the promise land, Torii. You are the right man for the job!!