Game Recap 9/26/11: Inexplicably So – Rangers 4 Angels 3

Due to some time constraints I’m going to have to make this one a little short, plus I’m not sure if I’m ready to open the fresh wounds of this past season yet. Well, maybe if I don’t think too much about it while I’m writing it won’t hurt so much.

Rangers 4 Angels 3


Ouch, looking at that end score hurt my Angels pride a lot more then I expected. I know that the Angels are fresh out of the playoff race, but letting the Rangers cruise over you at home is still a grounds for some aching, especially when it was in the hands of our most trusted Dan Haren.


Game Notes

  •  Dan Haren continues to show off his second half struggles with last night’s loss to the Rangers. Sure you could say 3 earned runs in 8 innings isn’t too bad, but the 9 hits that came with it was very un Haren like. Come to think of it, so is giving up 3 runs in 8 innings, said so by his fancy shmancy 2.51 ERA. Well Haren, maybe you’ll find a way to top this years start next year, I’m looking forward to seeing if you can.
  • Trout is finally showing some signs of life after a long period of “hibernation” as I like to call it. Bad players slump, good players hibernate, it’s as simple as that (to me at least). An RBI single lifted his total to 16 for the year, a mere sixth of what Trout will be pulling next year. For those of you who are mathematically challenged that adds up to 100 and some change, at least that’s what my calculator told me.

Halo A-Hole


This is what you get for spurning the Angels and going to their biggest rivals, then hitting a 2-run home run that effectively struck the last nail in the coffin. I hope you enjoy your playoff run knowing in the back of your head you are forever an a-hole to Anaheim.