Game Recap 9/27/11: Whatever – Rangers 10, Angels 3

The Angels got their butts kicked by the Rangers.  Two days ago this would have made me commit hari-kiri, but tonight… whatever.

Rangers 10, Angels 3

Seriously, I don’t care.  I’ve spent so much time and energy caring about this team that I literally have a patch of gray hair now.  Say what you want about playing for pride or to be a spoiler, I know I am better off just not giving a crap about the results of a meaningless game.  Judging by the lineup Scioscia ran out there tonight, I’m guessing he decided to stop caring too.

So, yeah, congrats, Rangers.


Game Notes

  • Want to know why the Angels scratched Ervin Santana from the start tonight?  I give you the injury Howie Kendrick suffered.  Sure, it seems like it is minor, but why expose someone to injury when you don’t have to.  Heck, I’m surprised the Angels started any regulars at all tonight.
  • It is official, Jerome Williams should never pitch in relief again.  He has been great as a starter, but every time the Angels have called on him in relief, he has gotten bombed or come awfully close to getting bombed.  Part of me still thinks it is because he has a problem pitching out of the stretch, but tonight I think it also had something to do with him just not expecting to have to pitch.
  • I’m probably reading too much into it, but I like that Scioscia wised up and hit Mike Trout leadoff.  He has power, but he really has a great eye and that will be his best weapon as he develops.  Assuming the Angels keep him in the majors all of 2012, I would not be at all surprised to see him and Peter Bourjos manning the top two spots in the order like they did tonight.

Halo A-Hole

Nobody.  This game basically didn’t count, so there is no sense belittling someone for having a bad game.

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