Game Recap: Can We Even Into Wins? – Mariners 2 Angels 1

Sorry for the bad grammar, but this past week of Angels baseball has fried most of my brain. The Angels just cannot buy themselves a win right now, probably because they’re spending all their money on Vernon Wells (hur hur hur). The Angels need some fresh home cooking and a change of scenery to get back on top. Good thing the Angels are going to be ditching the AL in favor of playing some NL ball. Good thing small ball is the Angels specialty.

Mariners 2 Angels 1

I thought putting Hunter in CF was a good…no, a GREAT idea. Getting the vet back in familiar territory would have helped alleviate some of the pressure and get him back into his old way of playing the game. Sounds very logical and reasonable doesn’t it? Too bad even Hunter would find a way to screw up a for sure game plan. I was hoping this would get him started on busting that slump for good, but now it looks like it is going to do the exact opposite and further his spiral into..*gulp*….has been aged veteran! My goodness the thought of Torii Hunter transitioning to a has been does on a number on my soul. I was hoping that Hunter would have still had it by the end of next season, but could it be possible he is going to face a Abreu-esque nosedive?

Nah, that would never happen to Hunter. Not in MY lifetime! Right guys?!


Game Notes:

  • Since we’re on the Torii-Train we might as well keep on going. Yet another 0’fer at the plate and a game breaking misplay in the outfield are the straws that broke the camels back. Either he is going to let it bring him down even further or use it as fuel to get his game back on track. I’ve already said a lot of what needed to be said about Hunter, I just want to get off this train. Next stop, Anaheim!
  • Howie Kendrick finally eased the offensive drought with a solo shot, pushing his HR total to 7. Not too bad for player that seemed like potential trade bait not too long ago eh? After today’s game I’m finally not afraid to shout this from the top of the world, here it goes! BREAKOUT SEASON! BREAKOUT SEASON! Common sense tells me I should probably wait until later in the season, like after the All-Star break, to make such heavy claims. Good thing kick common sense to the curb along time ago. Howie finally figured it out and the batting titles are sure to rain from the sky now! I just hoped his early exit today isn’t a long term thing.
  • Danny Danny Danny, you continually prove why I can trust to make such bold claims regarding you. Yet again you push the team through hellfire and brimstone and delivered them a chance for victory and redemption. Like other days, this was not meant to end in victory for the Angels. Consecutive solid starts with nothing to show for it can rattle a pitcher, too bad you’re too good for that. I’m not worried about this affecting Haren’s confidence in any way. It’ll take a lot more to shake ol’ Danny Boy!

Big Headed Meanie Weenie Halo


I’d feel bad being so harsh on Hunter. He isn’t so much an a-hole as he is a sad old man trying his darndest to keep up with the youngsters. I’ll be damned if this picture right here doesn’t sum up this whole entire week of Angels baseball though. Everything bad that can happen has happened, they can’t do anything right. It’s not that they don’t want to figure it out, they’re just having an impossible time of trying to do so. It’s gonna take small steps to get back on track, not these giant leaps the Angels are attempting to take in order to right this ship. One step at a time people.