Game Recap — Sometimes it sucks to be right — Angels 2 Orioles 3

Well I usually don’t do well on the prediction thing but tonight’s game played out almost according to script. The early offense was supplied by Vernon Wells and Joel Pineiro sucked. The score was closer than I thought but other than that, my powers of prediction were right on. Not that it’s a good thing this time around.

Angels 2 Orioles 3

— Joel Pineiro did in fact act like a human pinata. Joel was tagged for 11 hits in 5 1/3 innings. He did only allow three runs so at least he limited the damage but the Orioles would have scored more if the defense hadn’t bailed Pineiro out on two or three occassions. Not sure what is going on with Joel but his pitches are up and they are being smacked hard. This is something to watch out for in the near future.
— Nice to see Peter Bourjos pick up where he left off defensively. The play in the first inning to throw out the runner at second was great and should just be more evidence that he is gold glove worthy. The 0 for 3 in the box is most likely due to rust from the DL and he should shake that off in a couple of games.
— The Halos had chances to score tonight but once again couldn’t come through when they needed the big hit. Special recognition to Torii Hunter for hitting into his 21st double play of the year. Great work; at least you lead the league in something.
— I wonder if the Angels would consider trading for Kevin Gregg. I know he gave up the Granny last night and kinda looks a little douchy, but he is right handed and does appear to get people out. On second thought, no, he looks a lot douchy…we should just move on.
— Oh Fernando you tease. A scoreless inning of work with two strikeouts on only 12 pitches. I know you will break my heart just when I start to trust again. But at least you looked good for one night.

Halo A Hole

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I know it feels like I’ve been picking on Bob lately but he is representative of all that is wrong with the Angel offense. Another 0 for the game with 2 strikeouts. I know, I know he drew another walk and scored on the Wells homer, but your #3 hitter should actually hit the ball fair every once and awhile. That or drop him down in the order till he gets right with the world. This is getting ridiculous.

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