Game Recap — Yawn… — Angels 2 Royals 4

I briefly fell asleep at least three times during last night’s game. Not good quality REM sleep mind you, merely the nodding off I used to do alot in Algebra 2 class during high school. The reason for this sort of restfulness was the security I had in knowing the Angels were merely executing the exact same game plan they have been for a week now. Fall behind early, fail to get the necessary big hit at a key moment, and get shut down by some no name pitcher with a below .500 record. So take heart, I got a really good night sleep…

Angels 2 Royals 4 

If I asked you to compare the future of the Royals and Angels, two teams with roughly the same records, which one which you choose. Kansas City has potential rookie studs in Moustakas and Hosmer, decent but not great starting pitching, a legitimate closer, and enough veteran help with Cabrera and Franceour to be competitive in the next couple of years. The Angels have a bunch of aging, middle of the road guys (Hunter, Wells, Abreu), some decent talent that is getting close to free agency (Kendrick, Aybar) and a bunch of unproven rookies. Personally, I think I would opt for the Royals future than the Angels.

Game Notes

— Santana put up his usual line of 7 innings, 4 runs and kept his team in it for the duration of the game. Outside of the two wild pitches in the sixth he was around the plate (a little too much given that he gave up two homers). My biggest complaint was that he couldn’t seem to finish hitters off when he was ahead.
–Vernon Wells got a hit!!! It wasn’t a big deal but I feel like we should at least mark the occasion with some sort of celebration.
— I did think that Takahashi looked good last night. His slider had bite and he had a smooth 8th and 9th. I’m just afraid to start trusting him when the game is on the line. I feel like if he was ever put in a pressure situation he would crumble like a house of cards. Kinda like all the Angel relievers.
— I cannot stress how boring this game was. I looked at the clock and was praying it would be over by 10pm. What does that say about the type of baseball the Angels are rolling out right now?

Halo A-hole
For the Angels, things are far from heavenly    

I can’t pick one particular individual, so the a-hole award goes to the throwback uniforms. Apparently the Angels feel the need to play like it’s the 1970’s whenever they were these unis. Look, it was a cute idea but enough already. No one wants to relieve the days when the Angels sucked, so let’s end this charade and bring back the red and white…maybe they will start playing like it’s 2002.