Halo Headlines – 1/14/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Soriano set to sign with the Yankees, GMs predict Damon end up with the Angels, the search for a leadoff man continues and much more…

The Story: Rafael Soriano is reportedly set to sign with the Yankees.

The Monkey Says: Boras does it again, getting Soriano a three-year, $35 million deal despite no real market for the player.  The Angels had pretty much already dropped out of the bidding (assuming they were ever in it), so this isn’t really a big loss, especially since Soriano is getting a lot of guaranteed money despite a VERY concerning injury history.

The Story: Scott Boras is still looking for a home for many of his clients, including Johnny Damon who most GMs predict will head to the Angels.

The Monkey Says: Which pretty much guarantees that he won’t sign with the Halos since that is what the GMs said about Crawford and Beltre before they spurned the Angels as well.

The Story: Can the Angels find a leadoff guy?

The Monkey Says: There is a dearth of options on the roster right now and even fewer in free agency.  Odds are the Angels will sign someone to try and fill the role, and I do buy into the notion that it will be Damon since he has brand name-appeal.  Interestingly, the article never mentions Izturis, who I consider the best  in-house option, which I assume is because nobody believes he can stay healthy playing more than four times per week… if that.

The Story: Abe Flores believes that Mike Trout can be ‘as good as he wants to be.’

The Monkey Says: As the director of player development, it behooves Flores to oversell Trout, but as arguably the best prospect in baseball, Flores probably isn’t embellishing much at all.  I just wish it was 2012 already so we could see Trout patrolling the outfield in Anaheim.

The Story: Previewing the market for Prince Fielder.

The Monkey Says: The Angels are already being thrown into the mix, but Fielder is a poor fit for their roster and their style of play.  Even if the Halos to decide he would fit, there is no way they are going to be willing to pay the massive price Scott Boras is sure to want for the world’s fattest Vegan slugger.

The Story: JIm Fregosi and the Lachemann brothers are among those set to be honored by the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation.

The Monkey Says: Well, that makes up for not signing any impact free agents, doesn’t it?

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