Halo Headlines – 1/3/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Beltre close to joining the Rangers, the Halos have raw materials, the top Angel prospects for 2011 and much more…

The Story: The internet is on fire with reports of the Rangers being on the verge of a deal with Adrian Beltre.

The Monkey Says: Nothing is official as of this posting, but it seems as if this thing is as close to done as possible.  If/when it goes down, expect almost ever Angel fan you know to reach for the nearest panic button.  There is virtually nothing left on the free agent market that is guaranteed to improve the Angel offense.  Surely the Halos will turn to trade market, but things are really starting to look bleak in Anaheim.

The Story: The raw materials are in place for the Angels in 2011.

The Monkey Says: This piece immediately lost me when it said the Angels are already “significantly better” going into 2011.  I know Lyle Spencer is obligated to be a honk for the Angels, but that is just stupid.  This team could not hit at all last season, and yes, they will be a lot healthier and have some guys rebound from down seasons, but at best, their offense is average right now (and that might be a generous assessment).

The Story: The Angels top prospects of 2011.

The Monkey Says: There is nothing shocking on the list, but Sickels seems to be a lot more down on Hank Conger than most.  It definitely is encouraging to see that the Halos seem to have more depth in the system than in years past.

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