Halo Headlines – 2/8/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including how Michael Young could end up an Angel, the 2011 PECOTA projections are out, the Angels hope to return to elite status and much more…

The Story: Breaking down what it might take for the Angels to trade for Michael Young.

The Monkey Says: I agree with the assertion that the Angels would likely have to give up Alberto Callaspo (not Izturis though, Scioscia loves him too much), but I question whether or tno the Angels would really be helpful enough to the Rangers by giving them Jepsen or Walden too.  I would think that a trade for young would probably include Callaspo and a prospect or two.  Who those prospects would be would largely depend on just how much of Young’s contract the Angels would be willing to pick up.  I just think there is too many complications in trading for Young, who is overpaid and overrated anyway, within the division to make it worth either team’s while.  Also, it has been confirmed that the Angels are one of eight teams Young can be traded too.  He could always just waive his no-trade clause now that he wants out so badly, but the fact that he can’t block a deal to the Halos is only going to pour fuel on the fire that he’ll wind up in Anaheim.

The Story: The 2011 PECOTA player forecasts have been released and reveal few surprises about the Angels.

The Monkey Says: You have to pay to get the numbers, sorry.  What I can tell you is that the Angels rotation is expected to be excellent, with even Kazmir being not awful.  The bullpen is still a bit rough and the offense, well, it should come as no great shock that they aren’t expected to be scoring runs in bunches.  What I am really waiting for is the projected standings PECOTA produces, which will be out next week.  For several years, the Angels consistently outperformed PECOTA’s expectations, but last year, PECOTA was was off by two wins.  However, even though they came close to nailing their win-loss record, they got it for all the wrong reasons.  The 2010 PECOTA forecast had the Angels being pretty good offensively but getting submarined by poor pitching.  OOPS!  I guess they got the backwards, eh?  Suffice it to say, I am not a huge PECOTA fan.

The Story: The Angels are prepared to reclaim their place amongst the elite.

The Monkey Says: Um, let’s focus on them just winning the division first.  I think the Angels actually can win the AL West this season, but I am still dubious of whether or not they can hit enough to be true championship contenders.  In other words, it is pretty much the same concern I have about the Angels every year since 2002.

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