Halo Headlines – 3/23/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Morales shutdown indefinitely, Pineiro may not pitch again until April 8th, Takahashi leading disaster relief fundraising for Japan and much more…

The Story: Kendrys Morales has bee shut down indefinitely due to soreness in the ball of his foot.

The Monkey Says: There is no structural damage, but the problem was bad enough he needed an MRI.  What scares me is the lack of a timetable beyond “not anticipating him being out months.”  Looks like Morales could be in for a DL stay that lasts a good bit longer than the minimum 15 days.

The Story: Joel Pineiro will have his next spring start skipped and may not make his regular season debut until April 8th.

The Monkey Says: Maybe I am missing something here.  Pineiro basically said he feels fine and the problem was “like a cramp” yet he is skipping his next start and possibly the rest of spring training then potentially delaying his first start of the season with a stint on the disabled list hanging over his head.  I don’t think there could possibly be a bigger red flag to raise here.

The Story: Hisanori Takahashi is leading a team-wide effort to raise money for relief in Japan.

The Monkey Says: Hopefully the rest of the Halos are stepping up and making some donations, though I wouldn’t count on a big contribution from Howie Kendrick who was whining about gas prices on Twitter today even though he makes $3.3 million this year.

The Story:  Chris Pettit made a cameo at first base in last night’s Cactus League game

The Monkey Says: I just noticed that in the boxscore, so I don’t know how much actual action he got there defensively, but it is an interesting development.  Pettit is having a great spring and is a guy that the organization has always seemed to like, so this might be their way of finding a way for Pettit to have enough value to merit keeping him on the Opening Day roster.

The Story: Dan Haren believes he is over his case of dead arm.

The Monkey Says: He kind of got knocked around in his appearance yesterday, but this should still be considered a positive development.  The last thing the Angels need is another starting pitcher to become a concern.

The Story: The Angels continue to rave about Peter Bourjos’ defense.

The Monkey Says: This hyperbolic talk is exactly why I have said all along that he would have to put up some truly terrible offensive numbers for the Angels to seriously consider sending him back to the minors, something many suggested during the off-season.

The Story: Bobby Grich is embracing Angel history.

The Monkey Says: See, this is why Arte Moreno needs to get his ass in gear and launch an Angels TV channel.  Tell me you wouldn’t watch a weekly show where Angel legends like Grich just around and told stories?

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