Halo Headlines – 3/24/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Wells tweaks his hamstring, Conger might actually make the Opening Day roster, Muhammad Ali visits Angels training camp and much more…

The Story: Vernon Wells left yesterday’s game with a hamstring injury.

The Monkey Says: Apparently this was just a precaution and he is going to be just fine.  He’ll sit out today but is scheduled to be back in the lineup on Friday.  Consider this bullet dodged.

The Story: Could Hank Conger actually make the Opening Day roster?

The Monkey Says: This is certainly an interesting scenario, especially since it seems like a foregone conclusion that Pineiro and Willits will land on the DL, which is somewhat new news.  There is no reason for the Halos to carry Andrew Romine, so I guess that leaves just Conger, but I think there is a decent shot that the Angels will consider picking someone up off of waivers when other teams make their final cuts.  What will probably happen though is that they will just keep an extra reliever since keeping Conger in the majors for two weeks when he isn’t going to play is the exact reason they didn’t want him on the team as the primary back-up in the first place.

The Story: Muhammad Ali paid a visit to Angels training camp yesterday morning.

The Monkey Says: Ali clearly generated a buzz amongst the players as they were atwitter about it on their Twitter accounts.  I just find it so funny that other famous athletes can still be made to act like awestruck little boys in the presence other famous athletes.

The Story: The Angels ranked in the middle of the pack of Baseball America’s farm system rankings.

The Monkey Says: This is a lower rating than some of the other farm system rankings out there, but BA places an emphasis talent being closer to major league ready whereas much of the Halos’ top talent is still in the lower levels of the minors, thus hurting their ranking.

The Story: Forbes Magazine valued the Angels franchise at $554 million, the ninth most valuable team in baseball.

The Monkey Says: Man, the Halos aren’t even the most valuable team in their own division.  Stupid Nolan Ryan,

The Story: Michael Kohn is hoping to branch out from his famous roots.

The Monkey Says: The term famous is used pretty loosely here since Kohn’s “famous” relatives are just a three-star admiral grandfather and a handful of local politicians in South Carolina.  No offense to Kohn’s relatives, but I’m pretty sure he is already the most famous person in the family tree.

The Story: A guide to the 2011 Angels Fan Fest.

The Monkey Says: Five dollars?  Well that’s just a bargain that you would have to be a fool to pass up.

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