Halo Headlines – 4/1/11

An April Fool’s day edition of Daily Links for the LA Angels including Downs and Morales progressing towards rehab assignments, Hunter blogs about Opening Day, and one headline that I totally fabricated in honor of this “holiday”…


The Story: Kendrys Morales and Scott Downs are both on pace to start minor league rehab assignments next week.

The Monkey Says: Downs seems like a sure bet to be back not long after April 7th, but Kendrys still has to clear a few other hurdles first before he is even approved to play in minor league games.

The Story: Torii Hunter reflects on Opening Days past and present.

The Monkey Says: Somehow I imagine that Torii wouldn’t have foudn the time to blog had the Angels lost and had he not homered.

The Story: Mike Scioscia named Jordan Walden the closer after yesterday’s bullpen struggles.

The Monkey Says: It is about damn time!

The Story: Mark Trumbo likes the feel of his swing.

The Monkey Says: He might want to reconsider that after his Opening Day performance, as his timing looked to be off, though that could just have been Opening Day jitters.

The Story: Howie Kendrick is coming into his own at a critical time.

The Monkey Says: Maybe we should hold off on such proclamations until just a few more games into the season, huh?

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