Halo Headlines – 4/12/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Morales readying for a running test, questioning the bullpen demotions, worrying about Vernon Wells’ bat speed and much more…

The Story: Kendrys Morales is expected to try running again in the next few days with a rehab assigment possibly following.

The Monkey Says: I’m holding my breath here as some real progress from Kendrys would be nice to hear about.  One would think he’ll need at least two weeks of play in the minors before the Halos activate him from the DL, so if this running test doesn’t go well, he most likely won’t be back until some time in May.

The Story: Questioning whether or not the Angels demoted the right relievers.

The Monkey Says: For the record, I have no issue with the demotion of Kohn, the kid just seems lost out there right now, which is a shame considering how good he looked in the spring.  As for Jepsen, I know the excuse is being made that they dumped him in favor of not releasing Bulger, but I question whether or not one of them really needed to go at all.  They just as easily could’ve sent Rodriguez back down instead.  Part of me wonders if the team wasn’t sending a message to Jepsen and trying to light a fire under him.

The Story: Has Vernon Wells lost his bat speed?

The Monkey Says: I’m not buying it.  I don’t see how Vernon could go from a masher in 2010 to having his bat speed abandon him the next year.  That sort of decline is usually more progressive, unless there is an injury involved, and we have little reason to believe that is the case here (although he does have a history of wrist problems, but he says he is fine now).

The Story: Francisco Rodriguez likes what he sees in Tyler Chatwood.

The Monkey Says: That’s great and all, but keep in mind the Wolviriguez also thought he (by he I mean Francisco) was capable of being the Angels’ closer this year, so take that opinion with a grain of salt.  For what it is worth, Scioscia seems to agree with Francisco since he did say after the game last night that Chatwood would get another start.

The Story: Jered Weaver dreams of breaking Nolan Ryan’s team records.

The Monkey Says: I’m probably reading WAY too much into this, but the fact that Weaver is dreaming about making Angel history and getting into the Angels Hall of Fame has to bode well for him re-signing with the team, right?  Right?  Please?  Pretty please?  I’m not too proud to beg.

The Story: MLB Trade Rumors consider Fernando Rodney’s contract amongst the top free agent regrets from the 2009-2010 off-season.

The Monkey Says: It definitely wasn’t a good signing, but it really wasn’t a killer or anything, especially since it was a two-year pact, but I’m sure the Angels wouldn’t do it again if they had the chance.  Although they certainly aren’t afraid to take similar gambles as they did with Downs and Takahashi this last winter.

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