Halo Headlines – 4/19/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Haren named co-Player of the Week, Aybar begins a short rehab stint, Kazmir begins his comeback effort and much more…


The Story: Dan Haren was named co-Player of the Week for the American League.

The Monkey Says: What?  He had to share it?  I declare shenanigans.

The Story: Erick Aybar began what should be a brief rehab stint in Salt Lake last night.

The Monkey Says: Aybar was supposed to be activated on Monday, but apparently the team wanted him to shake off some rust first.

The Story: Scott Kazmir is headed to extended spring training to begin his rehab/comeback attempt.

The Monkey Says: At this rate, Kazmir probably won’t even get a chance to rejoin the Angels before May, if ever.

The Story: Scott Downs has been sidelined by a virus.

The Monkey Says: This certainly explains why he hasn’t made any appearances lately.  Hopefully he’ll be able to pitch before this important Texas series is over.

The Story: Vernon Wells is showing some positive attitude via Twitter in the wake of his early season struggles.

The Monkey Says: He’s been playing better of late, so whatever he is doing seems to be paying off.

The Story: Is Tyler Chatwood good, lucky or both?

The Monkey Says: A lot of people doubt his ability to pitch at such a high level so soon, but I am going to continue believing in him until he proves otherwise on the field.  Hopefully that won’t ever come to pass, but I do worry that the hitters are going to start feasting on his fastball once they learn to lay off his devastating curveball.

The Story: Torii Hunter will be speaking at a charity event next Tuesday.

The Monkey Says: Get your tickets now and help out some at-risk youths.

The Story: Excellent command and heavy use of two different fastballs have been the key to Dan Haren’s strong start.

The Monkey Says: What did we ever do without pitch f/x?

The Story: What should the Angels do with Erick Aybar?

The Monkey Says: This is way too premature.  Aybar will surely get his starting job back, but he’ll still sit on occasion until Alberto Callaspo or Maicer Izturis cool down.  Now, after a few weeks, if Aybar isn’t playing well, we can discuss taking some sort of action with him.  A trade seems pretty unlikely though as his value is deflated right now, plus the Halos shouldn’t risk their infield depth given Maicer Izturis’ injury history.

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