Halo Headlines – 4/26/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Amarista gets called up, Morales’ rehab stalls, Pineiro has a strong rehab start and much more…

The Story: Alexi Amarista was called up and Reggie Willits was demoted yesterday.

The Monkey Says: Amarista is presumably getting the call to provide some infield insurance while Maicer Izturis nurses a sore hammy.  This is still an odd move though.  Amarista is a well-thought of prospect for the Halos and is red hot at Salt Lake, so it only makes since to call him up if they are going to use him, but the middle infield is the one area that the Angels don’t need help.  If this was just a depth move, they easily could have promoted Andrew Romine instead.  Sosh even basically suggested that Amarista may not play at all.

The Story: Kendrys Morales’ rehab program has stalled.

The Monkey Says: I don’t think we are getting the whole story here.  For a guy who was supposedly close to being ready to start the season, he can’t seem to get past the running in the field step of his rehab program.

The Story: Joel Pineiro appeared strong in his rehab start.

The Monkey Says: The article suggests he might make another rehab start, but I don’t see how the Halos don’t have him rejoin the rotation on Saturday, provided he still feels good when he wakes up tomorrow.,


The Story: A lack of patience is one of Vernon Wells’ biggest problems.

The Monkey Says: Wells has always been a free swinger, but for him to be dead last in pitchers per plate appearance really speaks to just how much he has been pressing at the plate.

The Story: MLB Trade Rumors wonders if Torii Hutner might be a trade target for the Nationals.

The Monkey Says: The Nats want a center fielder and Hunter could be that guy for them.  I would be hesitant for the Angels to trade their team leader and arguably their best hitter, but if Washington offered the right deal, I think the Angels would give it some real thought.  As much as we all love Torii, his slow start this season suggests that age is catching up with him and it certainly wouldn’t hurt for the Angels to dump his salary this year and next while simultaneously clearing a starting spot for Mike Trout next year.  I’m not saying this trade could or should happen, but it is a situation worth monitoring, especially if the Angels fall out of contention near the trade deadline.

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