Halo Headlines – 4/6/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Scioscia names Walden the new closer, Downs could head out on rehab very soon, defending Jeff Mathis’ infamous place in history and much more…

The Story: Mike Scioscia has named Jordan Walden the new closer for the Angels.

The Monkey Says: Sosh framed this move as if it might be temporary, saying Rodney will pitch in low leverage innings until he works out his issues.  But make no mistake, the job is now Walden’s to lose.  Scioscia may be loyal to veterans, but if Walden succeeds as a closer, there is no way he will get demoted just so Rodney can get a third chance at showing that he just isn’t closer material.

The Story: Scott Downs could make a rehab appearance this weekend and rejoin Angels by next week.

The Monkey Says: Great, great news.  Downs is exactly what this team needs right now, so the sooner he returns, the better.

The Story: The Angels came to Jeff Mathis’ defense after he became only the second catcher in history to go 0-for-6 at the plate and 0-for-6 throwing out baserunners in the same game.

The Monkey Says: Let me just say this, I think Mathis is overrated defensively and we all know he can’t hit, but those six basestealers weren’t all his fault.  Relievers were on the mound for almost all of that game and most relievers are terrible at holding baserunners, so Mathis didn’t really have much of a chance.

The Story: The Angel table-setters are coming through so far this season.

The Monkey Says: That is both encouraging and discouraging at the same time.  We all worried that the top of the Angel order would be a problem, but Izturis, Kendrick and Abreu have started strong.  The problem is that the middle of the order isn’t taking advantage and driving in all of those baserunners.

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