Halo Headlines – 4/7/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Aybar gets an MRI, Downs to start his rehab assignment today, a look at how the Angels came to the decision on promoting Walden to closer and much more…


The Story: An MRI on Erick Aybar’s injured side revealed a strained oblique.

The Monkey Says: The team seems hopeful that Aybar can avoid the DL, but that is no guarantee.  If they think Erick is going to miss even two or three more games, don’t be surprised if Hank Conger gets sent down in favor of infielder Andrew Romine to give the Angels bench a little extra depth.

The Story: Scott Downs will make the first of at least two rehab appearances today.

The Monkey Says: If all goes well, Downs could make his Angel debut some time during the Cleveland series and probably no later than the upcoming series in Texas.

The Story: The Angels’ decision-making process to name Walden the new closer is confounding, but at least the right decision was made.

The Monkey Says: I totally agree and wrote as much yesterday, though I wasn’t as diplomatic as the esteemed Mr. Keri.

The Story: With Weaver and Haren leading the rotation, the Angels will always have a chance at contending.

The Monkey Says: I once again find myself in total agreement, which is why I said Haren was the key to the Angels’ success in a post right before the season started.  Saxon even makes an allusion to the Giants in his piece, which is perfect since I believe the Angels need to follow that very same blueprint in order to reach the post-season.  Once they get this whole bullpen thing settled, I think they will be right on track.

The Story: Hisanori Takahashi is searching for his lost command.

The Monkey Says: Taka is really struggling with command right now, which is unusual for him.  His BB/9 rate with the Mets last season was a little over three and his Japanese stats were even better than that, so he should get it figured out before long.

The Story: Rich Thompson finally seems to have made a good impression on Mike Scioscia.

The Monkey Says: Chopper has only made one appearance this season, but that could soon change in light of the bullpen struggles.  Sosh alluded to using him in later innings in this report, so maybe he could get a shot at seventh inning duties since Mike Kohn has faltered in that role thus far.

The Story: Vote on what should be Angels Stadium’s new “signature sandwich.”

The Monkey Says: Yup, voting for a sandwich.  I’m so glad that we don’t have anything better to worry about in this world.  It isn’t like there is genocide being committed in Africa or anything.

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