Halo Headlines – 4/8/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Downs and Willits begin their rehab, remembering when the Angels first moved to Anaheim, the season boils down to Vernon Wells and much more…

The Story: Scott Downs and Reggie Willits started their rehab assignments last night.

The Monkey Says: Downs had a rough outing, allowing one run on two and a walk in one inning of work.  He’ll make at least one more rehab appearance before joining the Halos.  Willits had a decent game from the looks of it and probably could be ready soon, but there is no rush to call him up since they haven’t even gotten Chris Pettit into a game yet.

The Story: Remembering 1966, the year the Angels moved to Anaheim.

The Monkey Says: If we learn one thing from this article, it is that Earl Bloom is old.

The Story: The Angels season will boil down to how Vernon Wells performs.

The Monkey Says: I’m already on record as saying Haren is the most integral to Angels success, but the Angels do need Wells OR Morales to have a big offensive season to get the Angel offense up to a reasonable level that would allow them to at least win the division.

The Story: A guide to how to properly overreact to the Angels early struggles.

The Monkey Says: And people think I’m my satirical pieces are sarcastic.

The Story: AngelsWin.com interviews Ryan Chaffee.

The Monkey Says: Chaffee seems like a goo kid and has some real upside, but he needs to work on his control.  He walked six batters in his debut last night and that kind of wildness is going to prevent him from being an effective major leaguer.

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