Halo Headlines – 5/12/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including the facts on the Morales surgery, Rodriguez to the DL and Jepsen called up, Guillen compares himself to Scioscia and much more…

The Story: The facts on the Kendrys Morales surgery.

The Monkey Says: Don’t even bother clicking on that link, the facts are few and far between.  Essentially, there is going to be surgery, but we don’t know when our how bad it will be.  What we do know is the Angels need to address what they are going to do now that they know for sure that they won’t be getting Kendrys back in 2011.  I’ll try and figure that out in a post later today.

The Story: Torii Hunter admits the team was “kinda down” after Morales hurt himself last year.

The Monkey Says: Amazingly, this was written before the big news broke.  One can’t help but wonder if the team might not suffer a similar depression now that they have lost Kendrys again.  On the other hand, they never got him back, so how upset can they really be?

The Story: The Angels placed Francisco Rodriguez on the DL and called up Kevin Jepsen.

The Monkey Says: Losing Wolviriguez is no big deal, getting Jepsen back could be though.  The Angels badly need someone to displace Rodney as the righty setup man and Jepsen has the talent to do so even though he actually hasn’t been that good in the minors.  One could even argue that Michael Kohn deserved the promotion more, but Jepsen does have a better history.

The Story: Ozzie Guillen makes some, umm, comical comparisons between him and Mike Scioscia.

The Monkey Says: Only Ozzie could say those things and get away with it.  His team is terrible, but he is a loveable scamp.

The Story: Weaver and Haren are dominating, but they admit it still isn’t easy.

The Monkey Says: I dare you to find two guys who are as good at what they do and still so humble as Haren and Weaver are.

The Story: Mike Scioscia isn’t going to reduce Mathis’ playing time even though he continues to struggle at the plate.

The Monkey Says: So there really is nothing Mathis can do to get benched, eh?  I understand taking things slowly with Conger, but why not give Wilson a shot at Mathis’ at-bats?

The Story: Kevin Frandsen has been suspended 50 games after testing positive for Ritalin.

The Monkey Says: Remember how some people were disappointed that the Angels waived Frandsen this winter?  Yeah, so….

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