Halo Headlines – 5/20/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Kazmir could go out on rehab soon, Kendrick nursing a stiff hamstring, Angels never were really interested in Kevin Millwood and much more…

The Story: Scott Kazmir’s official rehab assignment could begin soon.

The Monkey Says: And so the end game begins.  Kaz will have 30 days to return to the majors once his rehab begins or he must be released.  However, Scioscia’s comments sure don’t sound like he has much confidence in Kazmir’s ability or attitude.

The Story: Howie Kendrick is dealing with a stiff hamstring.

The Monkey Says: He appears to have hur himself when he got caught stealing in yesterday’s game.  The Halos initial reaction is that it wasn’t a major concern, but with the way this offense is going, they can’t afford to be without one of their few productive batters.

The Story: The Angels were never interested in Kevin Millwood, despite reports to the contrary.

The Monkey Says: It really doesn’t matter because Millwood signed with Boston.  However, it is interesting to see the Angels even be associated with such a rumor.  Whether or not they actually talked to Millwood is immaterial, the point is that the public percetion is that the Halos are searching for some rotation help.

The Story: Torii Hunter is searching for answers to his struggles.

The Monkey Says: I know he says he isn’t “trying to do too much,” but I’m pretty sure that is exactly the case.  Actually, I’m just hoping that is the case because the alternative is that he is just getting old and isn’t a useful player anymore.

The Story: Jered Weaver’s fiancee is helping out with an Angel charity event this weekend.

The Monkey Says: I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t care about the charity event, I just thought everyone would want to learn a little bit about Weaver’s fiancee, especially since I doubt most of us knew (or cared) that he was engaged.

The Story: Torii Hunter and Kendrys Morales are starring in new PSAs for the Big Brothers.

The Monkey Says: Well, at least Kendrys Morales is finally making a contribution to the team.

The Story: Gary DiSarcina will represent the Angels at the upcoming amateur draft.

The Monkey Says: Is the guy who pretty much had his career end after he accidentally walked into a fungo bat swing supposed to be a good luck charm?

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