Halo Headlines – 5/23/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Wells is at least three weeks from returning, Kazmir could return as a reliever, stop calling for Trout and start asking for Baisley and much more…

The Story: Vernon Wells thinks he will be back in three weeks.

The Monkey Says: That sounds great and all, but the Angel coaching staff has not signed off on that prognosis.  In fact, Scioscia was quoted over the weekend as saying that he hoped they weren’t “talking about months.”  Given these two conflicting statements, I suspect that within two weeks there will be a more definitive timeline for Wells’ return.

The Story: Scott Kazmir will make his first rehab start on Tuesday, but he could return to the majors as a reliever.

The Monkey Says: Kaz is still talking a lot about rebuilding his confidence, which hardly instills, you know, confidence.  I don’t think anyone expects much from his rehab stint, and I really don’t like the idea of him as a reliever.  Seriously, what do the Angels need with a third lefty out of the pen?

The Story: Stop calling for Mike Trout and start calling for Jeff Baisley.

The Monkey Says: I fully agree with waiting on Trout until 2012, but I feel like this Baisley guy isn’t worth the trouble.  It couldn’t hurt to see if he can help the bench out, but having a few good months in the thin Salt Lake air is about all he really has going for him, so I can’t imagine him becoming some kind of offensive sparkplug for the Angels.

The Story: The early returns on Howie Kendrick playing left have been better than expected.

The Monkey Says: I’m still not so sure I like him being out there, but it hasn’t hurt the team yet, so I guess that’s fine.  I still think he is better off at second where he has shown flashes, especially this year, of being a pretty good defensive second baseman.  I would like to think that if Wells’ injury continues to drag out, the Angels will go out and acquire a legit left fielder so they can move Howie back to second.

The Story: Howie Kendrick, Maicer Izturis, Erick Aybar, Dan Haren and Jered Weaver would all make the All-Star team if it was picked according to WAR.

The Monkey Says: And yet this is still a .500 ballclub.  Freaking bullpen, man!

The Story: Which Angel head should roll to the team’s recent struggles?

The Monkey Says: Yes, this article does try and somehow link the firing of Rex Hudler to the team sliding in the standings this year and last.  Moving on…

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