Halo Headlines – 5/5/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including predicting Weaver’s 2012 salary, Izturis is the most valuable position player so far, Angels working on reducing their strikeouts and much more…

The Story: How much will Jered Weaver make next year?

The Monkey Says: It is obviously going to be a lot, but the Angels should gladly pay it and hopefully make it the first year of a long-term contract.

The Story: Maicer Izturis has been the Angels’ most valuable position player so far this season.

The Monkey Says: Mike Scioscia always thinks he is the best position player, but he might actually be right so far this year.

The Story: The Angels are working on cutting down their strikeouts.

The Monkey Says: I said all I needed to say about this yesterday.

The Story: Torii Hunter blames inexperience for the Angels’ offensive struggles.

The Monkey Says: He does realize it is the veterans who aren’t hitting, right?

The Story: Bobby Wilson’s lack of use is baffling.

The Monkey Says: It is odd that Scioscia hasn’t mixed him in even a little bit, but I’m not going to get all worked up about it since his ceiling appears to be just a good back-up catcher.

The Story: Former first round pick Jon Bachanov has been picked up by the White Sox after his recent release.

The Monkey Says: I never even heard he got released.  Bachanov has been a major disappointment thus far, so this isn’t a huge deal, but it does go down as a pretty major draft failure.

The Story: Hank Conger talks about his versatility at the plate.

The Monkey Says: Not that he gets to use it since he doesn’t play against lefties.  Scioscia says his right-handed swing is lagging behind, but can it really be any worse than Mathis’?

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