Halo Headlines – 5/6/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including the Angels could be suitors for Reyes and Wright, Wells starting to feel comfortable, a look at Haren’s hot start and much more…

The Story: Jim Bowden considers the Angels amongst the potential suitors for Jose Reyes.

The Monkey Says: I agree that the Angels will at least consider going after Reyes, but I don’t think they are serious players.  Reyes’ career OBP is only .336, which doesn’t make him the awesome leadoff option Bowden thinks he is.  Also, Reyes may not even be a better defender than Izturis or Aybar.  Still, he’d be a definite upgrade on offense, I just think that the Angels should be looking to fill other holes first before they worry about getting Reyes.

The Story: The Angels are also amongst potential teams David Wright could land with.

The Monkey Says: Great idea, glad I thought of it.  Wright would be a great fit for the Halos, but I worry that their farm system just won’t match up.  I already wrote a lot about it yesterday, so I will just say that my concern is that the Mets will want more pitching than the Angels would be willing to give up since they traded so much pitching for Haren and Callaspo last year.

The Story: Vernon Wells believes he is starting to find a comfort zone.

The Monkey Says: Right, we’ve heard that one before.  Call me when his OPS gets over .650.

The Story: A look at whether or not Dan Haren can continue his hot start.

The Monkey Says: Honestly, this is one of the best assessments I’ve seen of Haren from a non-Angel columnist.  So many people always thought Haren was a fluke because he didn’t throw hard, but he really has ALWAYS been this good.

The Story: The Angels’ offensive woes are multi-pronged.

The Monkey Says: I disagree.  Plain and simple, they are a little short on talent but, more importantly, they are all playing far, far too tight and the pressure is getting to them.

The Story: Howie Kendrick, Hank Conger and Mark Trumbo will be guest instructors a the Angels Youth Baseball Camp.

The Monkey Says: I went to a camp like that once.  Mike Piazza was supposed to show up for the day, but he didn’t.  Instead, we got Mike Sharperson.  12-year old me couldn’t have been more disappointed and I am 95% certain that is how I wound up rooting for the Angels instead of the Dodgers.

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