Halo Headlines – 6/1/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Vernon Wells expected to start rehab this weekend, checking the Angel mock drafts, Segura is climbing the prospect rankings and much more…

The Story: The Angels are hoping to send Vernon Wells out on a rehab assignment this weekend.

The Monkey Says: Even if Wells continues to stink the joint up, the Angels will be better off having his glove in left and without having their depth streched so thin.

The Story: The mock drafts are pouring in for the Angels.

The Monkey Says: Most of the drafts I’ve seen have the Angels selecting a high school pitcher, but it doesn’t seem like they’ve locked in on one specific player like they have in the past.

The Story: Jean Segura is in Keith Law’s updated top 25 prospect list.

The Monkey Says: Segura is still years away from the majors, but him climbing the prospect rankings is always worth getting excited about.

The Story: ESPN only gives the Angels a C+ grade for their first third of the season.

The Monkey Says: I call BS.  Most experts had the Halos pegged as a .500 team and they’ve essentially done that.  Meanwhile, the Rangers were supposed to run away with the division and haven’t but get a B grade.  Shenanigans I tell you.

The Story: Could the Angels target Billy Butler via trade?

The Monkey Says: This article says yes, I say know.  First off, why would the Royals trade Butler when he just started his team-friendly four-year deal?  Second, I don’t see him as a fit with the Angels since Butler is a righty DH-type with underwhelming power.  I’m not saying he isn’t good, I just don’t think he fits what the Angels need which is more of a legit power threat, preferably a left-handed one.  If I had to choose a guy off that list, I’d go with Jason Kubel way before I went after Butler.

The Story: Jered Weaver remains a top Cy Young contender at the one-third mark.

The Monkey Says: Nice to see that his four straight losses haven’t cost him too much.  Also, don’t fail to notice that Dan Haren is pretty high on those lists too.  In fact, I do wonder if the two of them remain so close performance-wise by the end of the year if they won’t cost each other votes since they are on the same team.

The Story: Reminiscing about the Angels biggest prospect misses.

The Monkey Says: You’lll never guess who was #1?  Thanks for that depressing stroll down memory lane, Sam.

The Story: Torii Hunter got his 1000th RBI ball back from some young KC fans.

The Monkey Says: And who says that the hip hop music is ruining our kids’ moral values?

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