Halo Headlines – 6/14/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels Rodney hits the DL, pointing fingers at Tony Reagins, wondering if the Angels would trade Weaver and much more…

The Story: Fernando Rodney was placed on the DL with an upper back strain.  Bobby Cassevah was called up to take his place.

The Monkey Says: I can’t help but think that the upper back problems Fraudney is experiencing have something to do with his hat always being on crooked.  Perhaps the uneven weight distribution was finally too much for his muscles.  It doesn’t sound like Rodney will be gone long, not that anyone will shed a tear if he is.  What is curious is that Cassevah got the promotion over Michael Kohn.  Kohn’s numbers in Triple-A are very good while Cassevah’s are much less so.  I can’t even begin to understand the logic there.

The Story: If anyone should be fired, it is Tony Reagins, not Mickey Hatcher.

The Monkey Says: Can’t we do both?  I’m pretty sure this isn’t a pick one and only one situation.

The Story: If the Angels become sellers, will they trade Weaver?

The Monkey Says: I do think the Angels could become sellers, but I still don’t believe they’d seriously consider dealing Weaver.  He is too good and too popular and he might very well re-sign with the team, though it isn’t a guarantee.  Yes, the Angels are struggling now, but they aren’t far from getting back to being a contender, and trading away Weaver is the kind of move you only make if you are going into a full-out multi-year rebuild, which just doesn’t strike me as Arte Moreno’s style.

The Story: Might the Angels be better off switching to the National League in a proposed realignment?

The Monkey Says: Their style of play might be better of in the NL, but it isn’t going to happen.  MLB wants to realign, but they don’t seem to be interested in having more than one team switch leagues.

The Story: Who has been the worse acquisition: Vernon Wells or Chone Figgins?

The Monkey Says: In that battle, there is no winner.  We all lose.

The Story: An interview with Dean Chance.

The Monkey Says: What?  No question about why Mark Gubicza thinks Chance is the answer to every Angel trivia question?

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