Halo Headlines – 6/15/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels Kazmir’s Angel career may be over after another awful rehab start, Scioscia says divisions will not be eliminated in realignment, evaluating the best move of Reagins’ tenure and much more…

The Story: Scott Kazmir got lit up in his latest minor league rehab start, which might mean the end of his Angel career.

The Monkey Says: Kaz got shelled for six runs in 1.2 innings of work.  Details aren’t even really necessary at this point, but these kind of results show just how helpless his case is.  He still has time left on his rehab assignment, so the Angels may let him finish it out since they are paying him anyway, but make no mistake, he will be released very soon.

The Story: Mike Scioscia claims eliminating divisions is not part of the plans for potential realignment.

The Monkey Says: Sosh is on the Commissioner’s advisory committee, so if he says it isn’t happening, then it isn’t happening and I am all in favor of that.

The Story: The top ten moves of Tony Reagins’ tenure as part of an exercise in determining if he is actually a good GM.

The Monkey Says: Ask any Angel fan and a vast majority of them will tell you Reagins is NOT good at his job, so this exercise may end up being futile.

The Story: Do the Angels miss Mike Napoli?

The Monkey Says: I say no, if only because Scioscia would never use him properly since he just doesn’t like his defensive skills or his streaky hitting.

The Story: The Angels try and motivate kids to stay out of gangs.

The Monkey Says: Well, I sure hope they didn’t make the kids watch the Angels take batting practice.  That would be so depressing that they might turn to the gang life out of sheer boredom.

The Story: The Angels plan on heating up with the weather.

The Monkey Says: Oh, really?  Is it that easy?  The weather is what has been causing them to struggle so much?

The Story: Give blood and get free Angel tickets.

The Monkey Says: That’s great news.  The bad news is that you can only donate once every several months in order to be medically safe.

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