Halo Headlines – 6/2/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Haren tweaks his back, Kendrick will return Saturday, Angels are all lagging in All-Star balloting and much more…

The Story: Dan Haren “tweaked” his back in a bullpen session yesterday and may have to skip his next start.

The Monkey Says: Let’s hope that is as severe as it gets because the description of him getting hurt sounds like it could be worse.

The Story: Howie Kendrick will be activated from the DL on Saturday.

The Monkey Says: The question is whether or not he can pick up where he left off before he got hurt.

The Story: No Angels figure prominently in the first results of All-Star balloting.

The Monkey Says: Aybar and Izturis are fifth in voting at their positions and that is as good as it gets.  There is still plenty of time left to vote, but I seriously doubt any Angel position player can be voted into a starting spot.

The Story: The Angels’ flight home yesterday ended in an emergency landing at LAX.

The Monkey Says: Of course it did.  Everyone was fine, but it would figure that this kind of thing would happen to the Halos this year.

The Story: Kendrys Morales had his splint removed and hard cast put on his bad ankle.

The Monkey Says: This doesn’t seem to mean much, but at least it isn’t bad news.

The Story: Mike Scioscia doesn’t see any need to reconsider his stance on catchers blocking the plate.

The Monkey Says: He practically made blocking the plate an art form, did you really think he would puss out like Billy Beane and order his catchers not to block the plate?

The Story: Inland Empire 66ers manager Tom Gamboa is leaving the team to tend to his terminally ill mother.

The Monkey Says: Prayers go out to the Gamboa family.

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