Halo Headlines – 6/21/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Kohn gets called back up, Scioscia believes the Angels are championship caliber team, Aybar idolizes Jose Reyes and much more…

The Story: Michael Kohn has been called up while Andrew Romine has been demoted to Triple-A.

The Monkey Says: Romine was no longer needed now that Alberto Callaspo is almost fully healthy.  Kohn has been killing it in Triple-A, so his recall is very much deserved and arguably overdue.  However, he’ll have to show his command is improved if he hopes to actually stick in the majors this time.  If he does though, he could rocket up the bullpen depth chart given Rodney’s injury and Thompson’s ups and downs.

The Story: Mike Scioscia believes the Angels are a championship caliber club.

The Monkey Says: Of course he does.  What else is he supposed to say?  He also agrees that the team is in transition as well, so he obvioulsy is sending mixed signals.

The Story: Erick Aybar considers Jose Reyes his new idol.

The Monkey Says: Funnily enough, there is a chance that Aybar could lose his job with the Angels if they decide to upgrade at short and the top of the lineup by signing Reyes this off-season.  I don’t really see that as being all that likely right now since Aybar is playing decently and Reyes is going to be excessively expensive, but I’d be lying if most Angel fans didn’t consider it a fairly likely scenario going into this season.

The Story: Vernon Wells is putting his slow start in his mental rearview mirror.

The Monkey Says: His bat is starting to come alive and he definitely has the right attitude now, so I am going to continue to have his back and hope that he can be the stabilizing force in the middle of the order that this team has been missing since Kendrys Morales broke his ankle.

The Story: Bench coach Rob Picciolo is indebted to new Marlin manager Jack McKeon.

The Monkey Says: Considering how long McKeon has been in the game, it seems pretty likely that he has touched almost everyone’s career in some way.

The Story: Union Bank has donated 1000 Angels tickets to local military personnel.

The Monkey Says: And the game is against the Nationals too.  You can cut the national pride with a knife.

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