Halo Headlines – 6/9/11

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Angels continue raiding the college ranks on the final day of the draft, the Halos draft Scioscia’s son, the 2011 Angels are just like the 1976 Angels (and not in a good way) and much more…

The Story: The Angels drafted almost entirely college players on the third and final day of the draft.

The Monkey Says: That’s 41 out of 49 picks coming from the college ranks.  You’vs got to hand it to them, they sure picked a direction and committed to it.  I actually think this is an interesting way to approach the amateur draft.  The Halos have a much better track record of developing young international talent, so it does seem wise to complement that collection of more raw prospects with some more polished American products.

The Story: Mike Scioscia’s son Matt was drafted in the 45th round by… the ANGELS!!!

The Monkey Says: No way!!!!  That never happens.  And by never, I mean all the time.  I know this will prompt some to make the inevitable Mike Piazza comparison as he was also drafted late as a favor to Tommy Lasorda, but those kinds of things are one in a million (one in ten million if you account for the persistent steroid rumors that plagued Piazza).

The Story: The 2011 Angels might be channeling the spirit of the 1976 Angels.

The Monkey Says: I especially like the part at the end where the ’76 immediately addressed their offensive woes by hitting the free agent market hard.  Let’s hope free agency repeats itself.

The Story: Jered Weaver remains amongst the top Cy Young contenders thus far.

The Monkey Says: I’m sorry, but how can Weaver be a top 5 contender but Haren not even be in the conversation?  Weaver has been better, but not by that much.

The Story: A quick look at the top prospect at each level of the Angel farm system.

The Monkey Says: This is pretty much just a thinly veiled attempt to mention Mike Trout.

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