Halo Headlines: Angels All-Star Game Results, Looking at Weaver’s Rise to Elite Status, Trade Deadline Analysis FAIL

The July 13th, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Angels All-Star Game results, looking at Weaver’s rise to dominance, a laughable attempt at assessing the Angels’ trade deadline needs and much more…

The Story: All three Angels made appearance in last night’s All-Star Game, but didn’t do anything of note.

The Monkey Says: That’s not true, Walden did give up an insurance run to the National League, otherwise, you’d have hardly noticed that the Angels were there.

The Story: Jordan Walden got stuck with a blank All-Star jersey before yesterday’s game.

The Monkey Says: Too bad he couldn’t blank the NL in his one inning of work.

The Story: The Angels brought their clubhouse manager to the All-Star Game.

The Monkey Says: What a sham, I voted for the Cleveland clubhouse manager, that dude can fold a towel with the best of them.

The Story: Jered Weaver has arrived as an elite pitcher.

The Monkey Says: Angel fans have known this dating back to last season, but Weaver getting the start last night gives him the national recognition he truly deserves.

The Story: Using Jered Weaver as an example for why the flyball vs. groundball pitcher debate might be overrated.

The Monkey Says: That piece is even a bit over my sabermetric head, but I think the main point is that guys can succeed as extreme flyball pictures if they are able to limit line drives.

The Story: A look back at the late Dick Williams’ managerial career highlights.

The Monkey Says: Williams had a short tenure with the Halos, but he is a Hall of Famer, so he deserves this retrospective.

The Story: Here is a poor assessment of the Angels’ trade deadline needs.

The Monkey Says: The article is right about the Angels being in need of an upgrade at catcher if they can find one, I think we all know Scioscia probably isn’t too worried about it.  What really made me laugh was the assertion that the Angels don’t need much bullpen help because Rich Thompson and Hisanori Takahashi have been so good.  WHAT?!?!  I guess there stat lines look OK, but I don’t know any Angel fans that don’t cower in fear whenever Chopper or Taka enter the game in an actual pressure situation.

The Story: Assessing the performance of relievers that got multi-year deals this off-season.

The Monkey Says: I really only included this link as a way of pointing out what a great signing Scott Downs was.  Let’s just pretend that Takahashi isn’t on this list though, because that would ruin all my fun.

The Story: Meet the Angels Strike Force.

The Monkey Says: When in doubt, post a story with pictures of pretty girls.

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