Halo Headlines: CJ Cron Signs But Will Delay Surgery, Mathis Still Upset About the Bad Call on Sunday, Scioscia Still Doesn’t Want Replay

The June 28th, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including CJ Cron signs but will delay surgery, Mathis still frustrated after the bad calls on Sunday, but Scioscia still doesn’t think instant replay is the answer and much more…

The Story: First round pick C.J. Cron officially signed with the Angels and received a $1.467 million signing bonus.

The Monkey Says: That was easy.  Cron is a kid the Halos seem to be very excited about and it is great that he signed so quickly and can actually start playing some Rookie League ball this year.

The Story: Cron will wait until after the minor league season to have surgery to repair his torn labrum.

The Monkey Says: The surgery will knock him out for several months, but the kid clearly has some real testicular fortitude to continue enduring the pain even though he played with the injury this whole college season.  If he recovers quickly, he may not miss any of the 2012 minor league season, which would obviously be ideal.

The Story: Mathis voices his disagreement with the blown call at home to end Sunday’s game.

The Monkey Says: For once in my life, I find myself actually liking Jeff Mathis.

The Story: Mike Scioscia still doesn’t think instant replay should be used for tag plays, even after Sunday’s loss.

The Monkey Says: Ever the company man, that play at home is the exact kind of call replay should be used for.  Human eyes simply can’t be expected to get that call right every time, so why not rely on technology that is readily available?  Why not avoid ugly situations where the wrong team walks away with a win.

The Story: The Angel Stadium grass is still not in great shape after the U2 concert.

The Monkey Says: That kind of stinks, but at least the Angels didn’t have to play a home game in Seattle like the Marlins did when U2 came to their stadium.  While we’re at it, at least the Angels aren’t the Marlins at all.

The Story: Joel Pineiro currently projects to be a Type B free agent this off-season.

The Monkey Says: That is actually very good news.  Should the Angels not elect to trade Pineiro, that means they will get draft pick compensation if he signs with another team this off-season.

The Story: The Angels have traveled more than most teams in MLB this season.

The Monkey Says: That is no surprise given their geographic location, but hey, numbers are fun, right?

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