Halo Headlines: Kazmir Auditions for Rangers, Angels Sued for Racism, Thompson Gets the Most Out of Twitter

The July 1st, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Scott Kazmir works out for the Rangers, Angels get sued for racism, Rich Thompson uses Twitter for more than most and much more…

The Story: Scott Kazmir had a workout for the Rangers yesterday.

The Monkey Says: PLEASE sign him.  Pretty please!  With sugar on top?

The Story: Former radio host David Smith is suing the Angels for racism.

The Monkey Says: There are plenty of bad allegations in there, but seeing how the Angels have a Latino owner and a black GM, I find it hard to believe that the organization would promote the kind of culture the lawsuit claims they have.  I’d be shocked if this guy is anything more than a disgruntled employee looking to make a fast buck.

The Story: Rich Thompson took to Twitter to stay in touch with friends and family back in Australia.

The Monkey Says: Twitter?  That is soooo 2010, it is all about Google+ now!!!!

The Story: A video scouting report of Mike Trout.

The Monkey Says: I’ll save you the time, Trout is awesome with awesome sauce on top, end of scouting report.

The Story: The Angels will celebrate the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan.

The Monkey Says: My dad roots for the Dodgers, but he might go to this Angels game because he loves Reagan more than the Dodgers.  Seriously, I grew up in a house where our bonus room was decorated with Reagan for Governor posters.  I nearly got disowned when I told my parents I voted for Obama.

The Story: Angel players regale us with tales of Trumbo’s massive power.

The Monkey Says: That is great and all, but I’d rather see him hit balls 475 feet instead of 520 feet if it means drawing a few more walks in the process.

The Story: Tyler Chatwood has taken the fast track to the big leagues.

The Monkey Says: I had worried that Chatwood was rushed to the majors, but he has definitely proven he belongs.  Even his much maligned peripherals are starting to improve.  I don’t think he’ll ever be an ace, but Chatwood looks like he is going to have a very long and successful career.

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