Halo Headlines: Praise for Weaver’s Extension, Breaking Down Jerome Williams’ Impressive Return, Bourjos’ New Approach is Paying Off

The August 23rd, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including plenty of praise for the Weaver extension, inside Jerome Williams’ dazzling comeback start, Bourjos’ new approach at the plate is paying off and much more…

The Story: Weaver bucked the Boras trend to sign his extension.

The Monkey Says: In a strange way, Jered might have helped Boras in the process since this deal should at least start to that relations between Boras and Angel management.  It might even give Boras a softer reputation around the league, making it so teams don’t immediately dismiss the idea of negotiating with Boras because of his ball-busting reputation.

The Story: Now that Weaver is staying, could he become the greatest Angel ever?

The Monkey Says: I like the comparisons, but labeling someone “the greatest” is more about reputation that stat accumulation.  Frankly, I think if Weaver can pitch well over the course of this contract and, oh, I don’t know, win the Angels a championship, I’ll be glad to give him my vote for greatest Angel ever.

The Story: Weaver was smart to stick with the Angels because of how well-suited he is for Angel Stadium.

The Monkey Says: This was actually one of the reasons I never thought he would leave.  Most of the big spending teams that could afford him, like the Yankees, Rangers and Red Sox, all play in very hitter-friendly parks that would make it hard for Weaver to continue his same level of success.

The Story: The only reason to dislike the Angels’ deal with Weaver is the small risk of injury.

The Monkey Says: I actually think that is a reason to love the deal more.  Not only has Weaver proven to be incredibly durable, but his risk of major injury going forward are minimal, compared to other pitchers, thanks to his free-and-easy delivery.  That being said, since the deal is for only five years, that Angels have minimized their risk somewhat, especially when you consider he most likely would’ve signed a six or seven year contract AFTER the 2012 season, which would have been a much bigger injury risk.

The Story: Jerome Williams talks about the changes he made to his pitching style to earn himself a trip back to the big leagues.

The Monkey Says: Good stuff.  It is almost hard to believe that it took a guy so many years out of the game to realize that he had to just throw harder all the time rather than conserve his energy.  I kind of feel like I would try that as a last resort.  I’m also fairly certain that any pitcher on the cusp of the big leagues should learn a cutter, because that pitch is magic.

The Story: A look at the Pitch f/x data for Williams’ start.

The Monkey Says: This is basically the technical proof of everything Williams discussed in the above interview.  The more I read about Jerome, the more inclined I am to believe that the Halos might have actually found a diamond in the rough.

The Story: Peter Bourjos has changed his approach to better suit his skillset.

The Monkey Says: Oddly, he is trying to hit the ball on the ground more yet he is hitting for more power of late.  What I think is overlooked here is that he is showing real maturity as far as his plate discipline goes as of late, which is why his move up the order has gone so well.

The Story: Why the Angels (or any other team) won’t be signing Prince Fielder.

The Monkey Says: The idea of signing Fielder has gained steam quickly, especially with the Weaver signing.  While I agree that the Angels already have a logjam at 1B/DH making their need for Fielder much less, I totally disagree that they can afford him.  By my calculations, the Angels are going to have about $15 million to spend this off-season (providing they don’t salary dump Abreu), which is well short of what Fielder will demand.

The Story: Making the case for Bobby Grich to be named a Hall of Famer.

The Monkey Says: I’ve heard the case before and it has plenty of merit, but I just don’t see it ever happening, which is too bad.

The Story: A teenage Angel fan built a model of the Big A from scratch.

The Monkey Says: 16 years old and he spent his summer building a model stadium.  Someone needs to get this kid a girlfriend.

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