Halo Headlines: Reyes Wants to be an Angel, Angels Targeting Relievers in Trades, Horacia Ramirez Called Up

The July 21st, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Jose Reyes wants to sign with the Angels this off-season, the Angels are targeting middle relief help in trades, Horacio Ramirez gets called up as Kohn geys demoted and much more…

The Story: Sources claim Jose Reyes wants to sign with the Angels this off-season.

The Monkey Says: That is quite the revelation, especially since Reyes figures to be one of the top names on the market this winter.  What really surprises me is just to have a big name free agent supposedly hankering to come to the Halos.  As the article points out though, Reyes is asking for a Carl Crawford type of contract, so it seems highly unlikely that Arte Moreno will suddenly be willing to pay the price that he openly scoffed at last off-season.

The Story: The Angels are said to be targeting middle relievers on the trade market.

The Monkey Says: This is no surprise and something I’ve been saying for weeks.  Scioscia is openly frustrated with the state of the bullpen outside of Walden and Downs, so it seems to be a pretty good bet that they will bring in some kind of help, most likely a righty power arm.

The Story: The Angels sent Michael Kohn back to Triple-A and called up Horacio Ramirez.

The Monkey Says: Ramirez is a 30-year old journeyman lefty who hasn’t been in the majors since 2009 and was generally terrible his few years in the pros.  If that doesn’t tell you how badly the Halos need relief depth, I don’t know what does.

The Story: Tony Reagins is “satisfied’ with his current outfield.

The Monkey Says: I tend to doubt a lot of what Reagins says this time of year, but I believe him on this one.  I’m not sure that he is actually satisfied, but he knows that the outfield is too crowded to try and add a significant piece to the outfield.  The problem with that though is there aren’t a whole lot of other quality bats that they can slot in at a need position like third base or catcher.

The Story: Fernando Rodney pitched a perfect inning for the Inland Empire 66ers last night.

The Monkey Says: Much better.  The Halos are pressed for relief help, so they could call him up now, but I suspect that they wouldn’t have added Ramirez to the roster unless they intended to give Fraudney one more rehab appearance after last night.

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