Halo Headlines: Richards Placed on the DL, Pineiro to Rejoin the Rotation, Reconsidering Trading Mike Napoli

The August 17th, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Garrett Richards placed on the disabled list, Pineiro moves back into the rotation, revisiting the Napoli trade and much more…

The Story: Garrett Richards has been placed on the disabled list with an abductor strain and Trevor Bell and Horacio Ramirez have been called up to help out the bullpen.

The Monkey Says: Bell and Ramirez were badly needed after the bullpen got taxed on Monday, but they aren’t sure to stick around very long (in fact, Bell has already been sent back down, no replacement has been announced yet).  Andrew Romine was also demoted to make room for both relievers.

The Story: Joel Pineiro will return to the rotation to replace Garrett Richards.

The Monkey Says: One good relief appearance hardly convinces me that he is fixed, but I’m not sure the Angels really had much better options.  If this doesn’t work out though, I suspect the Halos will finally give either Trevor Bell or Jerome Williams a shot, especially since it will probably be during a time when the Angels aren’t playing for much anymore.

The Story: A look back at the decision to trade Mike Napoli.

The Monkey Says: The article hits it right on the head in that the Angels never had any intention of paying Napoli so much money when he was going to be permanently stuck in Mike Scioscia’s doghouse.  It also makes the great point that they probably could’ve gotten a better return for Napoli as well.  I guarantee that the Angels could’ve pulled off the Wells trade without including Napoli.

The Story: Despite a journeyman’s career, Russell Branyan has accomplished some major feats of power.

The Monkey Says: We’ve gotten to see a lot of that power lately, but it is looking like it is too little too late to earn him significant playing time.

The Story: The Angels are fighting that sinking feeling.

The Monkey Says: This was before the loss last night, and even then, the Angels hardly sounded like a confident bunch.

The Story: Meet Rich Thompson at the Orange County Zoo this Saturday.

The Monkey Says: I can’t decide if it would be offensive or totally awesome if they force the Australian Thompson to do his meet and greet next to the kangaroo enclosure.

The Story: The Angels and the Tiger Woods Foundation will honor their scholarship recipients at tonight’s game.

The Monkey Says: The Angels and Tiger Woods, a perfect partnership of two former champions that appear to be well past their prime.

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