Halo Headlines: Hunter Injured, Conger Frustrated With His Defense, Weaver Not Thinking About Being an All-Star

The June 23rd, 2011 edition of daily links for the LA Angels including Hunter day-to-day with a rib contusion, Conger frustrated with his defense, Weaver doesn’t care about any All-Star speculation and much more…

The Story: Torii Hunter suffered a rib contusion in his collision with the wall last night and is now day-to-day.

The Monkey Says: It certainly could have been worse based on how long Hunter writhed in pain after the crash.  Let’s just hope he heals up quickly and is able to pick up where he left off since he was finally starting to come alive with the bat.

The Story: Hank Conger expressed deep frustration with his defensive progress after Tuesday’s loss.

The Monkey Says: Scioscia has to love that Hank is so worried about hsi defense that he has completely discounted his recent offensive contributions.  If anything, Hank should feel good that Sosh put him back in the lineup the very next day despite his little meltdown the night before.

The Story: Jered Weaver doesn’t care about any All-Star speculation.

The Monkey Says: As always, Weaver says the right thing.  That being said, Weaver has a legit shot of being named the starting pitcher for the AL this year, which would be a tremendous honor… but also a tremendous achievement that Scott Boras would love to have when the Halos try and talk about a contract extension this off-season.

The Story: Mike Scioscia canceled batting practice before yesterday’s game.

The Monkey Says: I guess it kind of worked this time, but it concerns me that Scioscia is so worried about the team’s mental fragility that they needed the “mental break” after what was really one bad game in a stretch where the Angels have actually been playing decently.

The Story: Thirteen mind-blowing facts about the Angels’ awful offense.

The Monkey Says: I guess the silver lining here is that with the team being so tragically terrible, they can only get better from here, right?

The Story: The Angels roster is proving to be highly cost inefficient.

The Monkey Says: ESPN needed some fancy math to come to that conclusion, but I could’ve saved everyone a lot of time had I, or any other Angel fan, just been asked.

The Story: Pondering Tyler Chatwood’s early numbers and what they mean.

The Monkey Says: Some interesting assertions are made here, but I think Chatwood is still far from a finished product.  His peripheral numbers are not encouraging, but I do think he needs to be allowed some degree of wiggle room since he is still so very young and basically skipped Triple-A.

The Story: The Angels are hosting a United Way walk-a-thon this Saturday.

The Monkey Says: Does anyone else find it ironic that the always low-OBP Angels are hosting a “walk”-a-thon?

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