Halo Headlines: Trout Get His Homerun Ball Back, Trade Deadline Talk Galore, Was Wells Actually a Better Pick Up Than Crawford?

The July 26th, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Trout gets his first homer ball back, trade deadline talk galore, trading for Wells might’ve been a better move than signing Carl Crawford and much more…

The Story: The fan who caught Mike Trout’s first homer was more than happy to give it back to him.

The Monkey Says: I’m just shocked that the guy is an avid collector and handed the ball over so readily.  That would seem like the perfect kind item to have in a collection, especially given the lofty projections for Trout’s career.

The Story: Jon Heyman seems to think the Angels have narrowed their trade search to Aramis Ramirez and Heath Bell.

The Monkey Says: I don’t think the Angels are going to pay the price for Bell, but I am sure they will stay in those talks as long as possible to drive the price up for the Rangers.  As for Aramis Ramirez, I’ve said all along that he is a great fit for the Halos, but he seems deadset enforcing his no-trade clause.

The Story: Might the Angels part with one of their current regulars instead of prospects at the trade deadline?

The Monkey Says: It is an interesting notion, but there have been zero rumors to this effect, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.  Frankly, the Angels don’t have the depth to make such a deal and veteran-for-veteran deals at the deadline are pretty rare as it is.

The Story: A satirical look at what Tony Reagins’ phone log looks like leading up to the trade deadline.

The Monkey Says: I think we have officially reached the point where absolutely nobody takes Reagins seriously as a viable GM anymore, except for Arte Moreno who I am willing to bet my house will gleefully bring Reagins back for 2012.

The Story: Was trading for Vernon Wells actually a better move than signing Carl Crawford?

The Monkey Says: Wells may lead Crawford in WAR now, but who knows what Crawford would have done as an Angel, so it isn’t a totally fair comparison.  Moreover, the analysis is incomplete without considering the long-term both in terms of on-field production and financial investment.  Wells is a poor bet to continue playing better than Crawford since he is much older, and costs more on an annual basis, though Crawford’s deal is three years longer.

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