Halo Headlines: Trout Named to Futures Game, Cron Set to Sign, Abreu Swings at 3-0 Pitch for First Time in Years

The June 24th, 2011 edition of daily links for the LA Angels including Trout named to the Futures Game again, Abreu makes the most of his first swing at a 3-0 pitch in years, CJ Cron set to sign on Monday and much more…

The Story: Mike Trout has been named to the 2011 All-Star Futures Game roster once again.

The Monkey Says: Trout performed well in last year’s Futures Game, so he will be expected to put on a show again this year, especially since he will be going up against fellow wunderkind Bryce Harper.

The Story: Bobby Abreu hadn’t swung at a 3-0 pitch in over three years before he hit his 3-0 homer on Wednesday.

The Monkey Says: A lot of guys pick their moments to swing at 3-0 pitches, but THREE YEARS!  That’s just crazy.  Clearly Bobby knows what he is doing though since he absolutely crushed the ball.

The Story: CJ Cron announced he will be signing with the Angels this Monday.

The Monkey Says: That is a very quick signing for a first-rounder, which is a welcome sight after the down to the wire negotiations with Kaleb Cowart last year.  Welcome, CJ!

The Story: Tony Reagins discusses the increased importance of the international prospect signing period.

The Monkey Says: There are a lot of rumblings that MLB is pushing for a worldwide draft in the near future, so this is an interesting situation to monitor, especially since it could be argued that the Angels have done a much better job of finding and developing international talent until the last year or two.

The Story: Michael Kohn has had a really long road trip.

The Monkey Says: His crazy travel schedule and nerves does give him a bit of a free pass for his poor “second debut.”  It is interesting to hear him admit he had dead arm last year, since I know folks had wondered why he wasn’t throwing as hard as advertised.

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