How Much Is C.J. Wilson Worth to the Angels?

So, C.J. Wilson wants $100 million from the Angels, eh?  What a preposterous notion, right?  Well, most Angel fans seem to think so and that if he really thinks he is worth, then good luck to him finding some other fools to pay him.  To others, they think that if that is what the market dictates, then give it to him.  So who’s right?

Not that it is going to make a lick of differnce to Jerry Dipoto, but today I leave answering those questions to you, the fans.

C.J. Wilson DJ

Wait, are his DJing skills included in a new contract?  Because that could affect what the Angels offer.

Wilson is clearly the most pressing and interesting case for the Angels.  They’ve been pursuing him since free agency opened.  First he said he wants six years, $120 million.  Then he lowered his price to $100 million.  Both suggestions made everyone scoff at his greed, but he could also get the last laugh since he is the best pitcher on the market, meaning there is a chance he could find some desperate team willing to overpay.  Who’s to say that sucker team won’t be the Angels?

On the other hand, many (myself included) believe that there is no way the Angels can offer him more than the five years, $85 million that they just gave Jered Weaver.  Because, you know, Weaver is much better than Wilson.  That price is still a lot, but also seems at least palatable.

Or not.  For a guy who is supposedly an ace pitcher, it is kind of curious that his former team, Texas, seems perfectly happy to watch him leave without even trying to keep him.  And now word is that the pitching-starved and cash-rich Yankees oddly decided that they want nothing to do with him either.  Red flags anyone?  What do they know that the Angels don’t appear to know?

What say you, fans?  Should the Halos throw big money at Wilson or just slightly less than big money?  Or does Wilson scare you too?


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