Halo Headlines: Angel Playoff Tickets Go On Sale, Shoemaker Named to Team USA, Abreu’s Toughest Season Ever

The September 16th, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Angels put playoff tickets on sale, prospect Shoemaker picked for Team USA, Abreu endures his toughest season ever and much more…

The Story: A pre-sale for Angels 2011 playoff tickets starts September 21st.

The Monkey Says: Ugh, this makes me feel sick.  I get that the team needs to start selling tickets in advance of a potential series, but seeing them do this when they are three and a half games out of the playoffs seems like a jinx to me.

The Story: Angels prospect Matt Shoemaker will pitch for Team USA this off-season.

The Monkey Says: This is a big honor for Shoemaker who had a breakout season in Double-A.  This is a guy who wasn’t even on most top 20 Angel prospects lists before the season and now he is playing for the national team.  His performance will definitely be worth watching.

The Story: Bobby Abreu is enduring his toughest season ever.

The Monkey Says: It is called getting old, Bobby.  It stinks, but it happens to everyone.  He is a great guy and teammate, but he better realize that things aren’t going to improve and that his career is coming to a close, probably after the 2012 season.

The Story: The Angels’ rotation could make them a tough post-season opponent.

The Monkey Says: STOP JINXING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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