Halo Headlines: Angels and Moneyball GMs Could Be a Poor Fit, Grading All of Tony Reagins’ Moves, A Young Angel Fan Beats Cancer

The October 6th, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Angels and Moneyball-Style GMs could be a poor match, grading all of Reagins’ moves, a young Angels fan survives cancer and much more…

The Story: The Angels and “Moneyball”-style GMs seem like a poor coupling.

The Monkey Says: It is worth noting that Tony Reagins tried to bring more sabermetrics into the Angel front office decision making process, but to me, this analysis is spot on.  As long as Scioscia is on the bench, the Angels will have to find a GM who can relate to him.  Guys like Beane, Epstein and Friedman definitely know what they are doing, but putting them in a position to constantly have to bend over backwards to get Scioscia to buy into their methodologies would be an untenable situation.

The Story: Grading all of Tony Reagins’ moves during his tenure.

The Monkey Says: I think the grade of the Haren trade is a little overly critical, but for the most part these grades are spot on.  Overall, they do demonstrate that Reagins did a fair amount correctly, but he also did a lot incorrectly and on a grand scale.

The Story: A young Angel fan survives cancer and gets to meet the Angels.

The Monkey Says: Yay for him!

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