Halo Headlines: Angels Could Pursue David Wright, Jeter Honored, Weaver Will Start On Short Rest Again

The September 12th, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Angels could trade for David Wright this off-season, the Halos honored Derek Jeter over the weekend, Jered Weaver will start on short rest again before the season is out and much more…

The Story: Buster Olney believes the Mets could trade David Wright this off-season with the Angels foremost amongst potential landing spots.

The Monkey Says: It is pure conjecture, but it makes sense.  The Angels need to find a way to inject more production into the lineup and upgrading at third seems to be the easiest way for them to do that.  Trading for Wright is a bit complicated though because his 2013 option gets eliminated if he is dealt, making him a one-year rental in 2012 (unless some other agreement is worked out).  Plus, he is coming off a major back injury, which is never a good thing for a power hitter, even if he has performed well since returning to action.  All of this makes it incredibly difficult to gauge what Wright’s real trade value would be going into the off-season, but I think the Angels starting with an offer of Tyler Chatwood and Jean Segura would at least put the Angels in the conversation.

The Story: The Angels honored Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit over the weekend by presenting him with a portrait.

The Monkey Says: When word first leaked out the the Angels were going to honor Jeter, a lot of Angel fans protested the idea loudly.  The team decided to sort of split the difference and still honored him, but in a private ceremony.  I sitll don’t see why they felt obligated to do this, but at least they didn’t make it a public spectacle.

The Story: Mike Scioscia admits that he will try and have Weaver start on short rest again before the season is over so he can be on schedule to pitch the final game of the season.

The Monkey Says: I kind of like the idea of doing it against Baltimore next week so that he can be facing the easiest opponent possible and then have plenty of time to get himself right before the fateful Texas series should he suffer and negative side effects from the short rest.

The Story: As always, Mike Scioscia refuses to look ahead in the schedule.

The Monkey Says: Different year, same Scioscia mantra.

The Story: An open letter from “Arte Moreno” to Albert Pujols.

The Monkey Says: I seriously doubt the Angels are going to be players for Pujols this off-season, though I don’t think them having Morales and Trumbo will stop them.  For a talent like Pujols, you find a way to make room for him on the roster.  The real problem is that the Angels, at best, have $25 million to spend this off-season and Pujols will command at least that much to leave the Cardinals.  That just doesn’t sound like Arte Moreno’s style.  Plus, let’s be honest, does anyone trust Tony Reagins to successfully negotiate with one of the biggest free agents of all-time?

The Story: Mike Trout and Jordan Walden continue to learn as the season presses on.

The Monkey Says: Trout is so young, that you have to know he is going to need time to adjust.  The same goes for Walden, though I think some folks forget that because he had a short stint in the majors to end last season.  It is one thing to learn how to pitch at a big league level, but it is quite another to do that while also serving as the closer on a contender.  Waldo has had his hiccups, but he has shown an ability to make corrections when things go sideways for him, so I see no reason to think he can’t be much better next season.

The Story: Jeremy Moore hoping to fill the shoes of Chone Figgins as the go-to pinch-runner on an Angel playoff team.

The Monkey Says: That is what Figgy did when he first broke in with the team and it appears to be Moore’s job this season.  However, temper expectations with Moore as he is not a good base-stealer despite being very fast and athletic.  He can obviously push the defense trying to take an extra base on a base hit, but he isn’t going to scare opposing catchers the way Figgins used to.

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