Halo Headlines: Angels Talking to C.J. Wilson, Might Have Made Offer to Doumit, Trumbo Suffers Injury Setback

The November 14th, 2011 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including the Angels are talking to C.J. Wilson, they also might have made an offer to Ryan Doumit, Trumbo suffers a setback in his foot injury recovery and much more…

The Story: The Angels are talking to the agent of C.J. Wilson.

The Monkey Says: I firmly believe Wilson is too expensive for the Halos, but talking to his agent certainly can’t hurt, especially since Wilson is from the area and might be willing to offer a discount to return home (though I doubt that as well).  At worst, these talks will make Wilson more expensive for the Rangers to re-sign, so there really is no drawback here.

The Story: Free agent C/OF Ryan Doumit reportedly has at least two offers that he will pick in the next few days and one might be from the Angels.

The Monkey Says: Doumit has good power for a catcher, but isn’t much help in the OBP department, but you can’t be too choosy at that position.  It will be interesting to see if the Angels really are interested because if they do sign him, it will be sort of the first real display of whether or not DiPoto can convince Scioscia to use a player that he may not be comfortable with, since Doumit isn’t much of a defender at catcher.

The Story: Despite earlier reports, Mark Trumbo will need at least one more month for his foot injury to heal.

The Monkey Says: Looks like someone jumped the gun last week when it was declared that Trumbo was fully healed.  This setback is bad news for the odds of Trumbo making a successful conversion to third base as every single week he can practice there is worth a lot right now.  Instead, it looks like he might only get a few weeks of real development time at the hot corner before training camp opens.

The Story: The entire Angels coaching staff had their contracts renewed for the 2012 season.

The Monkey Says: …including Mickey Hatcher.  Sorry, everyone.

The Story: Jerry DiPoto further details his off-season plans and highlights the team’s lack of payroll flexibility.

The Monkey Says: He once again threw water on the idea of Fielder and Pujols but didn’t close the door entirely.  Adding another starting pitcher seems to be his top priority right though, so it is possible they could be more active in that area.

The Story: The Texas Rangers will not be pursuing Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols either.

The Monkey Says: Well, that’s good news.  That would have been the rich getting richer, but it also means that they are probably going to spend their money smartly, which isn’t as good news.

The Story: In the wake of the Wilson Ramos kidnapping, the Angels will still allow their players to remain in Venezuela.

The Monkey Says: The Angels do have a number of Venezuelan players, so it isn’t likely they can do much to get them out of there anyway, but they do have other non-Venezuelans playing winter ball down there.  One has to imagine that even though the players won’t be recalled, the teams and MLB must be doing something to ramp up security.

The Story: Vernon Wells made yet another worst contract list.

The Monkey Says: OK, people.  Enough.  We get it.  We got it the instant the Angels traded for him.

The Story: The Angels are having a canned food drive where you exchange canned food for the opportunity to pitch, hit or field for a little bit on the actual Angel Stadium field.

The Monkey Says: I don’t link to most of the charity stuff (unless news is slow), but this is actually kind of cool.

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