Halo Headlines: Angels to Interview Kim Ng for General Manager Opening, Rich Hahn Also a Candidate, A Look Back on the Angels Season

The October 20th, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Kim Ng to interview for Angels general manager opening, Rich Hahn and Tory Hernandez also to get interviews, a post-mortem on the 2011 Angels season and much more…

The Story: The Angels will give Kim Ng an interview for their general manager vacancy.

The Monkey Says: Kim Ng would be the first female GM in major professional sports, which is kind of the reason that I think she might soon emerge as the front-runner.  This is totally just a hunch, but I think being the guy to break the glass ceiling really appeals to Moreno.  On the flip side, I don’t know if Arte is going to want a new GM that will instantly be polarizing and highly scrutinized in the way Reagins was by the end of his run, though likely without as much vitriol from Tony.

The Story: Rich Hahn of the White Sox and the Angels own Tory Hernandez will also receive interviews for the GM opening.

The Monkey Says: I am all for Hahn getting an interview as he might be the hottest name when it comes to prospective GMs.  The interview for Hernandez worries me though just because he is an internal candidate and it had seemed like the Angels were going out of their way to avoid that.  Call me cynical, but his entry into the pool, coupled with the exclusion of Gary DiSarcina thus far, has me wondering if maybe Hernandez has been the guy all along and all of these other interviews are just part of a well-orchestrated charade, although I don’t know if Moreno is clever and under-handed enough to pull of such a scheme.  All of these interviews are set to go down in the next week apparently, so we should hopefully have an idea of who the Angels will hire by the end of the month.

The Story: A post-mortem on the 2011 Angels season and a look forward to 2012.

The Monkey Says: The author of this post might be a genius and is clearly an up and coming writing talent  I also hear he is very handsome.

The Story: Someone on eBay is selling a replica Liberty Bell that was once at Angel Stadium.

The Monkey Says: The item is no longer for sale, but the guy was asking for $20,000 and I really have a hard time believing someone actually ponied up for it.  From the way his description is written, I think there is 20% chance that he stole it.

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