Halo Headlines: Angels Top 3 Million in Attendance, Trout Could Start in Triple-A Next Year, Trumbo Voted Team MVP

The September 26th, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Angels surpass 3 million in attendance, Mike Trout could start the 2012 season in Triple-A, Trumbo voted team MVP and much more…

The Story: The Angels officially surpassed 3 million in attendance for the ninth straight season.

The Monkey Says: The Angels’ ability to stay in the race this long definitely helped them achieve that goal.  What I love the most about this news is that the Angels did go over 3 million, but the Dodgers did NOT.  Ha!

The Story: Mike Trout could start the 2012 season in Triple-A.

The Monkey Says: His struggles the last few weeks seem to have the Angels re-thinking their plans for Trout.  I’d still bet that he opens the year in the majors, but this story does at least start building a case for the Angels justifying him being in the minors to start 2012, which seems to be more about the Angels’ outfield logjam than Trout’s performance, if you ask me.

The Story: The Angel players voted Mark Trumbo as the team MVP.

The Monkey Says: Really?  I mean, it isn’t a horrible choice, but it probably isn’t who I would’ve voted for.  In fact, he might not even be in my top three.

The Story: Mark Trumbo is dealing with ankle pain that has forced him out of the last two games.

The Monkey Says: He looked pretty bad yesterday, so I wouldn’t be shocked if he is out of the lineup today.  That is kind of a lousy way for his season to end, especially if it costs him a shot at getting that elusive 30th home run.

The Story: Fernando Rodney reportedly asked to be traded earlier this year.

The Monkey Says: It is nice to want things.  I know Fraudney is frustrated with his role, but he can’t be so blind to how awful he has been.  I’m sure the Angels would’ve traded him if they could have.  There just aren’t a lot of teams clamoring to acquire washed up, overrated relievers in their mid-thirties, something Rodney will find out in a not so fun way when he doesn’t get any major league offers this off-season.

The Story: Mike Scioscia complains (again) about the late-season scheduling.

The Monkey Says: Sosh is right, but bitching about it now accomplishes nothing.  It sounds like MLB is dead set on realigning to 15 teams per league by 2013, so he should get his wish in some way, shape or form.

The Story: Jerome Williams is making a bid for a rotation spot next season.

The Monkey Says: Obviously one would like a larger sample size with Williams, but he seems to be the real deal at this point.  I have no problem with him being given a rotation spot next season so long as the Halos don’t count on Chatwood or Richards to fill the other spot since they would both be better off in Triple-A for at least part of the year and serving as an insurance policy in case the clock strikes midnight on Jerome.

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