Halo Headlines: Friedman Tops Angels GM List, Angels Will Have to Compete With Orioles If They Want DiPoto, A Look at Kim Ng’s Story and Qualifications

The October 21st, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Friedman is the Angels top choice for GM, Angels might lose out on DiPoto to Baltimore, looking at Kim Ng’s story and qualifications and much more…

The Story: It has been confirmed that the Angels have met with Andrew Friedman and that he is their top choice to take over as GM.

The Monkey Says: This is going to be a long week as we wait out this GM hunt.  The notion of getting Friedman is an exciting one and it sounds like he can have the job if he wants, but it is unclear if he actually wants it.  Friedman has a great working and personal relationship with the Rays owner, so it isn’t a given that he is going to jump to greener pastures at the first given opportunity.  Either way, MLB bans breaking big news during the World Series, so they can’t make an announcement about who they end up hiring until it ends.

The Story: If the Angels are interested in Jerry DiPoto, they will have to beat out the Orioles for him since he has emerged as their top choice.

The Monkey Says: This has been hinted at before, but it seems to be legit now.  I still think given the choice most GM candidates would pick the Angels over the Orioles, but if the Halos get strung along by Friedman for too long, they risk losing out on quality fallback options like DiPoto.

The Story: The Angels have an opportunity to make history if the hire Kim Ng.

The Monkey Says: We’ve heard this before, but this kind of article points out the danger in hiring Kim Ng.  She has worked in a lot of different roles in respectable front offices, but every time people talk about her GM candidacy, it is about how she could be the first woman GM.  It is a great narrative and all, but it could also be a narrative that is causing people to overlook any flaws she might have.  I’m not saying that she’s not qualified, but merely suggesting that if a team hires her because of her great story and not because she is unequivocally the best person for the job.

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