Halo Headlines: Haren OK After Being Hit By Line Drive, Considering Trumbo’s Rookie of the Year Credentials, New Study Shows Some of Mathis’ Value

The September 22nd, 2011 edition of daily news for the LA Angels including Haren OK after being stuck by liner, considering Trumbo’s Rookie of the Year credentials, a new statistical study shows Mathis’ value framing pitches and much more…

The Story: Dan Haren appeared to survive getting hit in the non-pitching wrist with a line drive.

The Monkey Says: It looked bad when it happened, but the lack of updates on his condition suggests that he is OK, maybe a little sore, but still intact.  It is still possible that news might change today, but so far so good.

The Story: Is Mark Trumbo the AL Rookie of the Year?

The Monkey Says: Honestly, I think Jeremy Hellickson should get the ROY, but there are so many viable candidates this year, the voting could go in several directions.

The Story: A new statistical study looks into the value a catcher’s pitch framing provides.

The Monkey Says: This is a substantial piece considering the lack of defensive value metrics for catchers.  Receiving skills are something Mike Scioscia has long touted Jeff Mathis for and according to this study he rates as good but not great at framing pitches.  If I am understanding defensive runs saved correctly, Mathis is good for about one additional win per year, which is nice but still doesn’t make up for his offensive shortcomings.

The Story: Torii Hunter could win a Gold Glove now that voting is done by specific outfield position.

The Monkey Says: No right fielder is having the kind of defensive season in the AL to run away with the award, so Hunter has a chance based on reputation even though his UZR isn’t any good.

The Story: Torii Hunter knows no matter what happens, this years Angels have “accomplished more than expected.”

The Monkey Says: This is kind of add after hearing him talk about being desperate the other day.  This comes off more as a guy already making peace with not making the playoffs even though they still have an outside shot at both the wild card and AL West.

The Story: Vernon Wells is still hearing boos from the Toronto crowds.

The Monkey Says: I don’t get it.  Vernon never did anything to those fans.  He was always considered a stand up guy and actually didn’t start getting vastly overpaid until this season.  Angel fans are the ones who have a right to boo.

The Story: An open letter to Chili Davis.

The Monkey Says: I smell a bromance budding.

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